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Neither one of these characters is giving up on this marriage.[] For seven years, we’ve seen this guy really do everything he could possibly do to please his wife.He gave up certain dreams of going back to college and what have you.

If you date consistently, that’s five 2-year relationships in ten years.

Midway through the second season, Tom returns to the workplace, sharing an employer with his wife for the second time.

When Lynette's boss asks Lynette to send instant messages to his wife to help him heat up his sex life, his wife found out and threatened to leave him unless he fires the person who sent the IMs.

TVLINE | I’m guessing it’s not exactly a relaxing B&B vacation.

These people have had a profound love for each other for a good 20 years of marriage.

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There’s how fast you want to go, how fast he wants to go, and what works best for healthy couples. In this thought-provoking Love U Podcast, learn how the pace of your relationship may actually determine the success of your relationship.

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