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This brought about the rivalry between him and his stepson, Jax.

His character later died in the series and Ron Perlman has moved on to other exciting things, he is voicing a character in She played the role of Gemma Teller Morrow who was the mother to Jackson and wife to Clay Morrow. Gemma is very protective of her son and is ready to do anything to keep her family safe.

And then they announce that they’re not monogamous. If you’re down-with-the-kids you might even understand how polyamory works.

Relationship anarchists find it unhelpful to create hierarchies within their relationships, or to promise to love a partner in a specific, static way without knowing how you might both change in the future.

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So there is no husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend with benefits, f**k buddy – no labels at all.

Polyamory has rules – you delineate between who is and is not a partner.

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