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Or they can keep a stack of Handout Cards to give out like business cards.These cards can be mailed to the promoter for free.The dating site will pay 50% commissions to NMPromoters whose referrals lead to a purchase.The promoters will hand out customized promo codes and earn money when the referred singles make a purchase on the dating site.This ingenious system promises to increase Neumate’s visibility and reputation in a personal and organic way.

Neumate’s team is on a mission to improve the online dating landscape one conversation at a time.Banner ads may be enough to convince someone to buy a dustbuster or a pair of fuzzy socks, but when it comes to more weighty decisions, like joining a dating site, sometimes people want a more trustworthy vote of confidence than a flashy billboard.That’s why Neumate plans to spread the word about its community-oriented dating site by engaging people in face-to-face conversations with promoters.Once a person uses a promo code generated by an NMP, that person will receive two free tokens on Neumate.If the member later makes a purchase on the dating site, the NMP receives a commission for making the referral.

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