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Whenever we come across these individuals, there is a natural affinity to match them up with particular Brent moments from the series, and more specifically David Brent quotes. This David Brent Quotes website has been founded to document the very best quotes and scenes from the entire Office series.

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It can’t hurt talking up how you can further their career…or not.

https://twitter.com/J_Donohoe96/status/475060253881794560 Telling off-colour jokes are always good to break the ice with a lady, right?

David is the manager of the Slough branch of Wernham-Hogg Paper Company.

He sees himself as an entertaining figure, but his staff don't share that view.

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In "Judgement", David is given the choice of either a promotion that would lead to his branch being merged with Swindon and his employees being redundant, or to keep his job and have the Swindon branch merged with his and the chance to keep his employees.

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