Diablo 3 an unexpected error occurred while updating required files adult singles dating ardmore south dakota

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Diablo 3 an unexpected error occurred while updating required files

Choose which maps to run, and enjoy the existing optimized map navigation.Watch Ros-bot kill monsters for you using configurable build-optimized attack routines.Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.Today when launcing Diablo 3 I got the following error:"An unexpected error occurred while updating required files. The closest thread I found was this: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5642268404 (I posted in that topic also)Sorry if my googling skills have failed me, but I couldn't find a topic with this exact problem.But I'm just wondering what it could possibly be, the error message is fairly unhelpful.The only thing I've done in the last day on this computer is download the latest AMD drivers, any chance it could be something to do with that?Make sure multiple instances of aren't running (remove all the processes, try again).If that doesn't help, delete the folder Battle.net/Agent (probably in your Application Data or App data directories, use search if you can't find it). This is helping people with some updating issues, don't know if it will fix yours.

Thanks :)Also, I coulda sworn that both Wow and Starcraft 2 have a repair utility where it would scan for corrupt files and fix any errors for situations like these, but I can't seem to find anything similar for D3. Well judging by the fact that this topic is fairly slow moving and there's not a plethora of other similar topics I can only imagine that it's some sort of problem on our end.I was reading around to try and find the problem and found this: a few weeks back my ISP (Virgin Media in the UK) had connection problems so on their support site they said to use a web proxy they set up.As I never use IE I'd forgotten to take the setting back off when the problems went away, and as the patcher relies on IE it wasn't working.If your launcher aint opening when you try to install the beta I made a lil guide for you guys how to solve the problem.It has helped a lot of players so far and I hope it can be of help to someone here at MMO-champion aswell.

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