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Where normally we just “fight” it out and now we just come to agreement in minutes... Then, you had us bow our heads and you said, "Know that this is who you really are..." The movement in me was hard to explain. I will never see myself the same way again." Elevated Woman Trainings Abby: “I just had the sweetest experience with an auto mechanic where he ran over and opened a door for me (wasn’t even going the same direction).

My son asked me how I found the “right” side of the bed as I’m not usually that friendly in the morning. I can’t wait to learn more." Elevated Woman Trainings Sharon: "I was so deeply moved by the High Priestess meditation. Men everywhere have just been sooo sweet to me lately!

" Elevated Woman Training Melissa: "This has been a transforming experience for me. I work as an executive in the health insurance business.

I have seen major changes in my interactions with some challenging male peers.

You want to be honored--and not just for your body or physical beauty--but your deep spiritual wisdom and your loving heart.

You know that there is more to experience in relationship, romance, and intimacy and you can no longer settle for a situation that does not reflect your full power! You rise above victim consciousness, low vibration jealousy, and superficial energy.

Sara: "These Activations are so very powerful and I'm growing a lot through them!

They act as if it’s this genuine honor to help and care for me in these little ways.

Instead of feeling desperate and panicky, I feel empowered!

" Elevated Woman Trainings Vanessa: "That was truly powerful experience, as its more or less what happened between me and the man I'm seeing...

Your confidence is unshakeable as it is sourced from within.

You value yourself and embrace your power unapologetically.

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You know you are unique and special for the deeper, unseen qualities of your true essence.

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