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This web site wants to provide Applications for the study of World History or Global History.

So far (October 2008), we have inquired about these subjects in Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Kyoto, Kobe, Gyeongju, Beijing, Xi'an, Urumchi, Samarkand (see Community), i.e.

MP's spirit Innumerable roads, routes and itineraries crisscross the silk roads cultural area.

Also in charge of training middle school history teachers.

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Comana: The site lies at Şarköy or Şar (English Shahr written), a village in the Anti-Taurus on the upper course of the Sarus (Sihun), mainly Armenian, but surrounded by new settlements of Avshar Turkomans and Circassians.

But at the time, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the knowledge about the non-European world was very limited and mostly incorrect.

We can think about it through time and space (roads, routes and itineraries; maps, migrations, changes and cultural expansions), through extraordinary experiences (biographies, Realms of Exchange and phenomenons that exist because of a direct or indirect reference to the Silk Roads Cultural Area).

Map2royal Community From February until August 2008, a History professor from Switzerland visited colleagues teaching in senior high schools all along the silk roads, from Indonesia, Japan, Korea and China to Turkey in Europe via Central Asia (Uzbekistan) and Caucasus.

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It is located about 70-80 km southwest of modern Ankara (capital of Turkey), in the immediate vicinity of Polatlı district.