Emily blunt dating john krasinski

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Emily blunt dating john krasinski

I decided to investigate how this super-cute couple came to be.

"We got to have a very removed existence, because we just looked at it as though we were two people who had fallen in love, rather than two Hollywood celebrities who'd met each other," Krasinski said.

Together for 11 years (and married for nine), the two actors have always been a staple on the red carpet, charming us with their effortless fashion sense and clear-as-day chemistry.

And while they're no strangers to a photo-op or two, the pair is relatively quiet when it comes to their personal lives. But we did get some actual details about their "very casual" proposal in the same interview.

Imagine a famous actress falling in love with a charming man, only to discover he's actually her stalker.

It sounds like the plot of a Lifetime drama, but it's actually John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's real-life love story — only far less dramatic. Audiences across the country quickly fell in love with Krasinski for his portrayal of the charmingly sarcastic Jim Halpert — one half of everyone's favorite office romance.

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She opened the door and I flipped the channel and she looked at me like, ‘Were you just watching porn? Krasinski announced the news himself with a tweet."Wanted to let the news out directly. Krasinski took to Twitter for a second time to announce the happy news."What better way to celebrate the 4th... 2 weeks ago we met our beautiful daughter Violet #Happy4th"“My children’s happiness, their safety and their well-being is the most paramount thing in my life. She continued: “My greatest hope is that they are truly happy, and that they’re interested in life, in anything.