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Kristy, Kelly, and I stumbled across each other in blogland the way most people do by just going from a friends blog to another and another and another ...We started emailing and finally had a play date yesterday ... We talked non-stop from 11-3 and could have talked for two days ...Today he not only grabbed my hair straightener and burned his fingers, he also fell head first off of the bed.This child has been totally cursed with the clumsy gene from me.She has difficulty articulating and producing the /r/.The night after her surgery, she had taken a bit of her pain meds and was sooo loopy and HILARIOUS.

The middles are both going to ESL summer school for several weeks that we think will help them both.So much of our lives have been changed and decisions have had to be made differently because of these behaviors. It's not perfect by any stretch, but he interacts, plays with his brothers, cooperates at a normal pre-teen rate (if ya know what I mean) and is generally pleasant and fun to have around.We have moments, we still have a long road of attachment bonding and relationship building, but over all its been much smoother with him. I was surprised how much of the procedure requires my right hand. Also, do not schedule what you think will be a nothing procedure with little downtime when you have a few deadlines hanging over your head! Happy Birthday to my bff Michelle and to my beloved cousin Katy!!! Second let me first say that my son takes after me in the clumsy department.

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I really think we both should be living in a bubble!!

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