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Fun dating ideas in centenial colorado

Here are six ways to seek summertime dates on the cheap in or near Atlanta: Check out Georgia state park offerings.

You're probably thinking you'll wait till you have kids to start doing the state park thing, but that's a mistake.

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For your Father’s Day, we are premiering episodes 1-3. We have been having fist and starts with Garage Band today. Julie and I are back for the first podcast of the year, recording from the basement. Every year on Black Friday, I play the incompreable, Stan Freberg’s Green Christma$$ as a reminder of the true spirit of the holiday. You can always contact us at The Badger [email protected] call the comment line at (262) 649-8550. We also talk about now that the elections are over it is times to compromise within government and within society. Motivated Women Segment: Cheese Head Spotlight: Will the Campaigns Ever End!! Special to the Badger Cast: A Wisconsin PUNishment - From Mother Superior and Charlie White. Wisconsin recall process for governor is half over. You can always contact us at The Badger [email protected] call the comment line at (262) 649-8550. I bought a Hendrix CD in the gift shop to “educate” them on the ride. Olivia captured the experience in one word: Awesome. We watched the Blindside (some of use for the second time). Please feel free to contact us by email and voicemail or Twitter. Dale From our family to yours we would like to wish you all the best for Thanksgiving Holiday.

If you're both greenie outdoors lovers, great choices are any growing or planting chores for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, or state park maintenance like the monthly trail clean up at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder.

, and invested over 0,000.00 in expensive European and American made amusement park rides.

Most places, like the Vortex, let you play for free as long as you have an open tab of any sort.

Plus, if you do well you can win money to pay your tab and then the date is free.

Music for the episode I found on a great music podcast, the Suffolk and Cool Podcast out of the UK. Today the Space Needle and going to meet the clan from Two Guys 1 Brain ( It is cool and Dale is still having issues but it is still cool. Callers and Mentions: Shelly from Shelly’s Podcast and App Store Pundit. Callers and Mentions: Crystal from Life of Spaguy’s Wife.

The Vortex Midtown plays on Mondays, its Little Five Points plays on Tuesdays.

As the weather warms, another option might be a place where you can sit outside, like Fado Irish Pubin Buckhead's Brainstormer Pub Quiz team trivia.

Atlanta trivia nights could be your low-cost date answer.

Trivia night at most bars is a loss-leader, which makes it a great option for an inexpensive date night.

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Don’t forget to contact the show at the Badger [email protected] call (262) 649-8550. It as a blast chatting with our friends while doing the show. Note: there is a little glitch where audacity hicuped… John and Charlene, Lovely Lorna, Randy, Andy, Cindy, Mother Superior, Charlie White. Cheesehead Spotlight: WARFARIN What is Julie Reading: Deadlock by Iris Johansen and Dresdin Files by Jim Buetcher Callers and Mentions: Manager John , Joe and Lisa from Cheap Date Show. Callers: Dave from the Jen and Dave Show, Steve from Geekfit, Chrystal from the Life of Spaguy’s Wife Music in this episode courtesy of the Ariel Publicity Cheesehead Spotlight: Great Circus Parade is Back!! Music in this episode courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network. J A Jance – “Cruel Intent” and Iris Johannsen - “The Treasure”.

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