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The remaining four members of the group are barred from investigating the death, prompting them to go back to their (now illegal) vigilante ways. Commander Beckett is an uptight stickler for the rules, so how will he deal with the much more casual Captain Chislett on board? Less Like A Lake And More Like A Moat by Band(s): Panic at the Disco, with appearances from empires, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, and probably more Pairing(s): PATD GSFWord Count: 31000Rating/Warnings: Rated PG15ish for language, mentions of sex and death. Summary: After moving to a dreary, rainy city, Jon sinks into himself until he finds friends and companions.

If the formatting seems all over the place - blame the authors- I just copy/pasted their formatting from their entries : the Disco; My Chemical Romance Pairing(s): Brent Wilson Gen (brief mentions Brent/OMC; Brent/OFC; Brent/Bob preslash)Word Count: ~ 23,000Rating/Warnings: R (language); Bob not in My Chemical Romance Thank You: To my incredible beta's, Band(s): Pat D (other bands as background, mainly MCR and FOB)Pairing(s): Jon/Ryan, Brendon/Spencer (minor Spencer/Bob, others)Word Count: ~43k Rating/Warnings: PG, Historical AU of little accuracy Summary: Set in the none too specified, Jonathan Walker comes back to Hanover Park after the deaths of his parents to see to their affairs and take care of their technically minor wards, Brendon and Spencer as they court and hopefully marry. Obviously, since its Panic and this is fanfiction, it can never be that easy. The other problem is that the real ghosts keep showing up.18.However, doing so means that he is once against confronted with meeting his childhood nemesis, Ryan Ross, who his parents took in along with Spencer when Jonathan was 12. Redefine The Abstraction by Bands: PATD unannounced appearances from Pete Wentz Pairings: Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Audrey (Ryan/Keltie, Shane/Regan)Word Count: 43,130Rating/Warnings: NC17 for m/m & m/f sex, drug use, themes of suicide, & character death Summary: This is a world of changed plans, of sudden opportunities, of unexpected visions.The Trojan War AU, in which Brendon is a Prince of Troy, Jon is an heir in Ithaca, Spencer takes the place of Achilles, and Ryan Ross is pretty similar to his real-life self."You may yet see him again. But if you don’t, always remember what time you did have with him, no matter how short it was. Pairings: Travis/William, Travis/Gabe, Gabe/Mike Carden, William/Mike Word Count: 39,660Rating/Warnings: Adult; contains drug use, character death, violence and other possibly disturbing content. In a last-ditch effort to save his family hotel, Pete tries to create the ultimate tourist experience: Castle Wentz, the world's most haunted place.Epic love like yours, it can travel distances greater than anyone can ever know."Band(s): Panic! However, the visitors to Castle Wentz include Gerard, the parapsychologist trying to save the spirit world, and Gabe and Travis, who are just trying not to fall apart.

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