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Gangster dating

For example, both Athena and Kenji are quite heavy alcohol drinkers at certain parts of the book.In the earlier parts of the book, it was even shown that Kenji was able to consume about an entire pack of cigarettes in just an hour or so.She made use of her experiences and also the concept of Korean dramas which made it as an inspiration to accomplish this ” Online fan fiction that swept the Pinoy K Generation – She’s dating the Gangster”In contrast to the very fast paced relationship that Romeo and Juliet had, Kenji and Athena’s love story is very slow with numerous challenges that have been undoubtedly experienced by a typical couple in our society today at one point in their relationship, directly or indirectly.The book also had its movie counterpart on July 24, 2017 starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.This technique uses the power of pronouns to allow the readers to feel the different emotions felt by the main characters, and to understand the sorrow, envy, anger, depression, happiness, excitement, and pain felt by the main characters themselves.

You can watch online movie streaming in HD 105 Min length.In line with the casual and informal tone of the characters’ speeches and thoughts, the book, in general, is very easy to read and understand.The words are fittingly chosen by the author to effectively affect the readers’ emotions and are simple enough even for readers with limited vocabulary to comprehend relatively quickly.Words and themes that are inappropriate for younger audiences are also included in the book.Although the characters were able to cover up the legal-age terms with less vulgar words, these terms are still implicitly conveyed to the readers, and not all of these themes are masked with less indecent words.

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Such is the case for one of the protagonists of the story, Kenji de los Santos.

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