Gothic quad cities dating

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Gothic quad cities dating

The significance of this neighborhood is derived from the German-American community that originally lived in the neighborhood.

Residents during that time period consisted mostly of members of the working class.

It was plotted by town founder Antoine Le Claire in the 1840s to 1880s, and housed the residence of Le Claire himself, his heirs, and Irish and transplanted American settlers.

It contains densely built large- and medium-sized houses set close together as well as the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

The neighborhoods contain many architectural designs, including Victorian, Queen Anne, and Tudor Revival.

Many of the original neighborhoods were first inhabited by German settlers.

The houses are of the Italianate, Queen Anne cottage, Georgian, and Colonial Revival styles.

East Fourteenth Street has sixty-seven houses from Pershing Street to Arlington Avenue along Fourteenth Street developed during the 1840s and the 1870s.

During this period, the buildings were all modest one- and two-story frame buildings.

Development in the west end of Downtown shifted from commercial to residential buildings, mostly in the form of apartments.

The West Third Street neighborhood extends from Scott Street to Myrtle Street along West Third Street.

Bridge Avenue The historic district stretches from River Drive along the Mississippi River up a bluff to East Ninth Street, which is near the top of the hill.

The neighborhood is made up of fourteen houses on the southern end of Bridge Avenue. The most prominent of the residences was built by Ambrose Fulton, who was significant to Davenport’s early settlement and its industrial history.

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