Great conversation questions dating

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Great conversation questions dating

It’s such a great question because its casual and indirect enough to garner an honest answer while direct enough where the other person knows why you’re asking it.It’s a comfortable way of trying to get to know somebody.

If you didn’t have to work to support yourself, how would you spend your time?

A person’s habits can be extremely telling of their reactions and decision making process.

Someone spends very little time in the morning and rushes out of the door will have different reactions and decision-making processes than someone who wakes up early and takes their time to leave the house.

Or they city they grew up in but had to move away from.

Or the country they traveled to and would like to go back to someday.

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On that same strand, someone who prefers to sleep earlier might have different behaviors and priorities than someone who prefers to sleep later. Asking what’s on their bucket list gives you a lighthearted glimpse at how bold the other person is as well as what’s important and interesting to them.