Help christian daughter dating athiest speed dating in central jersey

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Help christian daughter dating athiest

How a parent behaves in their faith is more important than what they tell their children about their faith.

If children feel like Christianity is just following other people, it will not be relevant to them as they grow.It is also the most powerful opportunity for a parent to grow in their faith, to experience Christianity again through young eyes.Parents who are engaged and active in a church community are more likely to have children who find ways to participate in the Christian community at large.Each generation of young Christians are going to challenge their parents with new questions about Christianity in the modern world.It is impossible for parents to prepare for or know all the answers for these questions.

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We need more of “God gave you to me and I am doing my best to honor that gift by raising you well.” We need less of “God says to obey me, and you are disobeying God.”Christians see themselves as “apart from the world, ” but that is so we can help the world, not be afraid of it.