Hindu dating traditions

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Hindu dating traditions

Holy fire is lit by the priest, who starts chanting the Vedic verses signifying the start of the wedding.

Lighting of holy fire is also known as vivaah homa.

Grandeur, color and fun are seamlessly blended with culture and heritage in Indian weddings. Detailed traditions of Hindu wedding can be found in ancient scripture named ‘Manusmriti’.

Sangeet ceremony is held in the house of the bride and the groom separately. Bride’s friends revel in teasing the bride about her future husband.

Elders of the house sing traditional songs and bless the bride.

Mother of the bride may also ask the Mehndi artist to write the groom’s name amidst the Mehndi design.

The groom has to find the name in post wedding rituals.

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Music is played with brass band party and relatives and family members dance throughout the procession. Varah Satkara is the ceremony where the bride’s mother welcomes the groom by applying tilak and rice grains on his forehead.