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Posted by / 19-Dec-2019 20:45

The problem is that, as Frind's flippant posting shows, it's not likely to get terribly far.

And the free sites are making a serious case that there's no need for Match or other paid dating sites.

Match claims that 42% of dates from dating sites are as result of and 30% of marriages are a result of What they fail to point out is that match has been around for 15 years and most of the sites listed in the survey barely existed 5 years ago...

If we actually look at what claims it gets into the absurd. Eharmony claims 236 marriages per day Now a year later claims double the number of marriages as eharmony in this survey around 472 marriages per day or 994 people getting married per day... So does anyone actually believe that every day 944 out of 3000 new paying users of will get married eventually because of who they met on

A letter just sent by to competitor Plentyoffish reveals just how seriously these companies take the numbers.

The letter isn't long -- not long, that is, aside from a bullet-pointed list of 18 stats from Plentyoffish's marketing materials, which challenges its competitor to substantiate.

That's a mistake, though -- the social factor is important, as well as the casual dynamic on Facebook.

Remember: the average account length is just six months, and people join for big blocks of time at once, so getting a new customer on board is better for them than eking another month or two out of a current subscriber...

Okay, Match is double counting to get "12 couples", since a couple that gets married also gets engaged.

But Plentyoffish founder Markus Frind not only posted the letter, he also answered it with a blog post going into his own suspicions of exaggeration by Match.

(The ellipses are my own): This letter is beyond ironic considering match's history of bogus claims, like this one from last week.

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