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By not scrutinizing the marriage agency´s track record and referrals you allow the dishonest international marriage agencies one more day to profit and prey on the unsuspecting.

Most but not all the dishonest marriage agencies will have much lower prices than the legitimate marriage agencies because their intention is to do very little.

While legitimate dating directories can be a valuable resource, it is best to use a variety of the above check methods for validating a quality international marriage agency.

Obviously, you lose time and money, but you also perpetuate the continued theft and disservice of those who will follow in your footsteps.

Does he provide his name on his website and domain records?

You dictate the deadlines, not the marriage agency.

Natalie made me meet some women whose appointments had been scheduled before I came! Almost at the last moment Natalie suggested that I should meet with another lady who was not on my list, with Elena! Since that night there has not been a day without us exchanging letters!

Be suspicious of any website where the owner of the website conceals his name on the "whois" record for that domain.They met for the first time on July 20th, 2016 in Kharkiv.It was love at first site and in May 2017, they got married.I can speak English because I’ve travelled a lot and so can Erkan, which enabled us to communicate using a common language.I was glad because I had never taken the time to learn French, and I never dreamed that I would one day visit France!

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