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While neither Coulter or Walker had responded to the allegations as of yesterday, the conservative superstar finally took to her own Twitter account to address the rumors this afternoon: “Best of friends, love him, no romance,” Coulter wrote.She had previously addressed the gossip on Huff Post Live back in 2013, where she essentially said the same thing – that the duo were close friends, but nothing more.“I can’t believe she would do something like this,” said Post Fred57.“She has ruined herself.” “F**k that skinny bitch,” said Southern Knight. A white supremacist group has decided to rescind an award to Ann Coulter after discovering she might have a thing for black men.Coulter, who makes her living selling books to old, racist white men, has long been rumored to have a predilection for black men.After getting past his absolute bewilderment, Barris joked that “you couldn’t write” a story as crazy as Coulter and Walker dating, and Twitter agreed.

The television writer and producer told Entertainment Weekly that Jimmie Walker - - more commonly known as J. from the 1970's hit "Good Times" - - is dating conservative commentator Ann Coulter.Walker made his feelings about the president known in a new interview with Fox News this week."I'm for probably 90 percent of the things he does,” he said.“I would never date a Republican,” Maher told Politico a few years ago. Because of that, Walker said, “you’ll never see a poor black family again on TV.” Instead, he added, “Every black family now has to be upper middle-class,” pointing to as examples. By trashing Barack Obama, hanging with Ann Coulter and fawning over Donald Trump, he has certainly proven that Jimmie Walker is anything but.Walker started his career by facing down accusations that J.

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