Kittycaht dating mayhem miller

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Kittycaht dating mayhem miller

Talley accused his client’s ex-girlfriend, Anna Stabile, of essentially conning a district attorney’s investigator into believing she had been attacked and was stalked by providing him with various posts from social media. He said Miller and Stabile met at a gym in Lake Forest and “hit it off” right away.

Miller told her that she would be his “girlfriend,” but that he also wanted to have sexual relationships with other women, Talley said.

Used water parks scheduled at 5: possible to asked him come as surprise.

After having lunch with my parents, I took the bible and walked to her house.

Stabile said OK, but wasn’t happy with the arrangement, he said.

Talley alleged that in one of the conflicts, Stabile attacked his client, not the other way around.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller “beat up his girlfriend” on two occasions, a prosecutor alleged Thursday, while the defendant’s attorney told jurors that his client’s accuser is “lying, manipulative and jealous.” “The defendant beat his girlfriend up, to break it down as simply as possible,” Senior Deputy District Attorney Mark Geller said in his opening statement. It will be up to you folks to determine if she’s telling the truth.” Jurors in this case will decide whether he is guilty of two felony counts of domestic violence, a felony count of stalking and a misdemeanor count of violating a restraining order — all stemming from incidents that allegedly occurred in 2013.

Geller said Miller, 36, and his ex-girlfriend had a “normal dating relationship” for about a year until “things got ugly.” Miller’s attorney, Cameron Talley, painted a starkly different picture of an often hostile, jealous girlfriend, also a fighter, who he said would attack the defendant.

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“So they’re trashing around” and Miller “is trying not to hurt her.

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