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Lez dating

I needed to figure out if she was into girls, and I figured one of us had to finally ask!By the end of the night we had both confessed our crushes on each other, and felt giddy at the thought of seeing each other the next day.When you’re two girls who aren’t sure if the other might be gay, neither of you want to be the one to ask and potentially ruin it.Steph and I always laugh about “who made the first move” because we both kind of did, and didn’t.Finally I decided I would do it, and the day before the show I texted Steph to arrange the details.

I was ready to invite someone into my life, and I knew that I wanted a serious relationship.Once we started to feel like friends, she casually asked me to go see a show with her.She gave me her phone number, but also invited some other friends from the studio.I spent days dissecting all of the signs and signals, wondering if she had asked me on a date.I confided in friends and asked their opinions, and was so nervous that I even considered coming up with an excuse as to why I couldn’t go.

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She started coming to my classes and making me nervous while I taught.