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As she said in a clip of , “I just never thought someone who is average size would be interested in me.” We know now that her promise of never dating again was short-lived, however, as she began dating her current boyfriend, Chris Marek, in 2017.“I just really want him to never question or doubt the relationship because I’m a little person,” she also commented. One more weekend left of pumpkin season at Roloff Farms and I hope to see you.So, why was Amy so quick to shut down the idea of dating again or anyone being interested in her?People reports she thought her size would be a barrier.It was all well and good for Matt and Amy for years, but sadly for fans, their relationship came to a halt in 2016 when they divorced.

LPA is only able to continue our work with support from members, friends and family. Membership is available to individuals with a medical diagnosis of dwarfism or form of short stature, as well as their families, grandparents, relatives, and all medical professionals.I was so happy when I asked Chris, several days ago, to do a ‘photo shoot’ together and he agreed! Just a glimpse of a few photos I wanted to share here and I can’t wait to see the rest of them. #storyofamyandchris @moniqueserraphotography #rolofffarms A post shared by Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff) on Amy may have been burned by the divorce, but her experience of dating Chris has been nothing short of amazing for her.Thank you so much @moniqueserraphotography for capturing us in a real and special way. I love how our story began, how we continue to learn more about each other and love every day and we’re just as good and wonderful two years later. Cafe Mom reminds us of the time Amy went to a painting singles mixer, and she started to get back into the swing of flirting with other men.“Surprisingly, I couldn't believe how many stories I had to tell.In fact, we left a lot of stories out,” Jolé shares with ET in an exclusive interview about the book, joking that she thought fans knew everything about her too. It's not like what a producer may interpret as you,” she explains.

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