Low self esteem dating

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Low self esteem dating

Our own sense of self worth shapes not only how we let others treat us, but how we treat others.

This behavior kills relationships because it sets up unrealistic expectations and leads to resentments. There's a big difference between discussing something with your partner and asking permission.However, if you stay guarded and are afraid to open up and be your authentic self, you’ll never get to know your partner on a deeper and more intimate level because you’re not being the real you.Another way that having low self-esteem can directly impair your connection with your partner is that it can cause you to have a negative outlook on the relationship itself.In many cases, people with low-self esteem have a tendency to become needy, jealous, and even possessive.In fact, because of a lack of confidence, you may find yourself wanting to spend every waking moment with your partner because you’re constantly worrying that he or she is going to break up with you.

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If you apologize, pretty much after every time you do things, and even apologize for apologizing when people tell you to stop apologizing, it could be a reflection of your sense of self-worth.

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