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I have shown up to work for a 4 day trip worth 21 hours of actual flying.At the end of those 4 days I have deadheaded for 8 hours and flown 2 hours. For example, are they positioning you for flights that keep getting cancelled?

As you can see management is to busy spending his days on the forums instead of applying himself to something more productive in improving this company.Management instead of me leaving why don't you and the rest of the management team turn your resignations in and allow for more competent people to come in and turn this place around?You might not be complaining but you are horrible at your job.Other airlines will tell you before you commute, and you will be off with pay at home. MGMT will try and spin this somehow, And will tell people that dont like it that they should quit. Apprentice just leave, why complain when you can just leave? Don't hold up the potato would say, there are better regionals out there that may satisfy you. Conditional reserve is easy when management cancels your flight which is every single day you show up to work they make you sit airport reserve until your original release time and thats a lo of hours of sitting around at the airport doing absolutely nothing. The other reasons are because management is to busy on the forums spreading fake news instead of running the organization. I am not holding my breath, They have been stashed in some secret room in Cleveland of which only a handful of people have allegedly seen them and are waiting to who knows what to role them out to the pilot group.

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They will do this no matter how many reserves they actually have.

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