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Where applicable, source code patches for these issues have been released to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository.

The most severe of these issues is a Critical security vulnerability that could enable remote code execution on an affected device through multiple methods such as email, web browsing, and MMS when processing media files.

We encourage all users to update to the latest version of Android where possible.

This is a summary of the mitigations provided by the Android security platform and service protections such as Safety Net.

These capabilities reduce the likelihood that security vulnerabilities could be successfully exploited on Android.

) System to update a mailing address change and passport information that is already on file.

Please note that NEXUS members are not required to report to an Enrolment Centre to update or change their passport information with the CBSA.

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NEXUS members must report to an Enrolment Centre to update or change other information including: To update an email address, please contact a Canadian Processing Centre.