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In addition to conodonts, brachiopods are also found preserved in the limestone and shale of the Emanuel formation.Brachiopods, sessile marine forms with bivalve shells composed of calcium phosphate, were numerous and diverse animals from the Cambrian period to the Permian period. Preliminary correlation of latest Cambrian to Early Ordovician sea level events in Australia and Scandinavia, Global Perspectives on Ordovician Geology, pp. Uppermost Cambrian and Lower Ordovician conodont biostratigraphy of the Survey Peak Formation, Wilcox Pass, Alberta, Canada, Journal of Paleontology, pp. In the Emanuel formation alone, 130 specimens were uncovered which include six different species in five different genera. H., 1996, Global Events and Event Stratigraphy in the Phanerozoic, Springer-Verlay, New York, pp.

Trilobites are also the earliest animals known to have had eyes.

Around seventy percent of the shells recovered from the basin are broken which suggests the occurrence of strong tides.

Through the deposition and compression of sediments that eroded from the land, the formation of strata containing distinct marine microfossils occurred.

Incomplete shells and opercula of Teiichispira kobayashi were discovered in the Gap Creek formation, as well as internal molds of Ecculiomphalus cf. The Emanuel formation and Gap Creek formation are only two Ordovician localities in which a diverse number of trilobite species have been found. Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, Amsterdam, pp.

Trilobites are an extinct form of arthropods that disappeared about 230 million years ago.

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However, during the Ordovician period, the brachiopod fauna changed greatly.

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