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Pagdating by alamid chords

With vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams and color photos. Piano/Vocal/Guitar - Difficulty: medium By Various.

Ebdim/G Em Sa tuwing ika'y nakikita Dm, G C C, Em Sana nama'y magpakilala Am Fdim/A Ilan ulit nang nagkabangga Dsus Aklat kong dala'y pinulot mo pa D(7) G Gsus, G Di ka pa rin nagpakilala Refrain C D/C Bawat araw sinusundan Bsus […]Intro: G#m-C#m7-Ebm7-E-; (2x) G#m7 C#m7 Ebm7 Spare a little candle, save some light for me G#m7 C#m7 Ebm7 Figures up ahead moving in the trees E G#m7 White skin in linen, perfume on my wrist E Ebm7 C#m And the full moon that hangs over E-Ebm7 These dreams in the mist G#m7 C#m7 Ebm7 Darkness […]Intro: G-C-Em-C-; (2x) G C Em C When you smile everything's in place G C Em C I waited so long can't make no mistakes G C Em C All I am reaching out to you G C Em C Can't be scared gonna make a move D While we were young C Come away […]Intro: F-Am-Bb- Dm-C-Bb-C- F Am Bb Can't say I don't love him Gm C F Still I can't pretend F Am That my heart is torn Bb Just knowing that Gm Gm7 C I'm losing my best friend C/E Bb If it's easier said and done F Am Bb Then someone tell me why Gm […]Intro: F-Bb-Gm7-C7sus pause F C/E Dm , Dm/C I know it's hard to open up your heart again Bb C F C/E, You've been through too much hurt, too many lies Dm C Bb So many times you've seen a love you thought would last Gm Gm/F C/E, Dm, C Then suddenly you'd see it swiftly die F […]Intro: B-F#-A-E-; (2x) B F# When the stars fade their light A E Does the moon and sun make it right B F# For you, the world maybe A E Like an endless storm chasing a mystery Interlude: B-F#-A-E/G# B F# If there is hate in your heart A E E break Does your body […]Intro: D-A/C#-Bm-G-; (3x) D G D G pause Ne hooh… D A/C# Bakit pa kita naging kaibigan Bm G Kung ako sa iyo'y magkakagusto D A/C# Bm Sayang kaibigan lang ang turing mo G Sa isang katutulad ko Chorus D Sana'y walang kaibigan A/C# Para ako'y iyong maibigan Bm Tulad ng pag-ibig ko […]Intro: C-D-G-Em-C-Am- Em7 When you wake up C And find me gone tomorrow Am7 Don't think I meant to hurt you Cm F7 G I just did what we knew I had to do, oh Bm7 And all the time we knew Am7 Bm7 But time was never right for us Am7 Bm7 Time to […]Intro: G-C-G-D-C-G- G– Flashing like lightning, I can't believe it My eyes won't fail me, see I'm not loaded Time rolled swiftly and I keep rocky rolly Forget to open my eyes on a bright moving girl Chorus C G Manila girl, Manila girl C G Manila girl, Manila girl D No walls gonna block […]Intro: C-G/B-Am-C- Chorus C Bakit pa kailangan na masaktan G/B Am Ang puso kong ito sa iyong paglisan C Hapdi ang siyang naramdaman C G/B Hindi na ba maibabalik ang lahat ng ating nakaraan Am C Dahil ba sa huli na ang lahat, sa 'yo'y paalam (Do Chord pattern: C-G/B-Am-C-;) Sa pagkawala ng relasyon na […]Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (C#) Intro: C-Am-F-Dm-G- C Am Em Ang buhay tulad ng isang awit lamang Dm G C A7 Mayroong simula at may katapusan Dm E7 Am Am7 Ang araw at gabi lumulungkot hirang Dm D7 G Gaug Sa mga suliraning pinaglalabanan C Am Em Ang aking pagkukunwari sa buhay […]Intro: C-F-Am-G-F-Bb- C Em F Here I am so close to you Dm G C Yet you see so far from me Em Am So many times I've asked myself Dm Dm/C Where I went wrong Bb F/A But all along I know G I've tried to give my all C Em F Can you […]Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (D#) Intro: D-A/C#-Bm-Bb D-A- I D A/C# Bm Am7-D7- Huwag damdamin ang kasawian G D/F# E A7 May bukas pa sa iyong buhay D A/C# Bm Am7-D7- Sisikat din ang iyong araw G D/F# E A7 Ang landas mo ay mag-iilaw Chorus G F#m Sa daigdig ang buhay […]Intro: A, E, D-E-; (2x) A E D E Everyday tayo ay magkasama A E D E Magkasama lagi sa iskwela A E D E Ang saya pag recess at lunch break A E D E Tayong dalawa ay parang nag-di-date A E D E A E Oh oh Oh yeah D E A E D E […]Intro: A-D-C-B-E- A AM7 D Umiiyak ang aking pusong nagdurusa E A Ngunit ayokong may makakita E A AM7 D Kahit anong sakit ang aking naranasan E A Yan ay ayokong kanyang malaman Refrain F#m C# F#m Mga araw na nagdaan Bm E A Kailan ma'y hindi malilimutan C#m F#m Bm Kay tamis na araw […]Intro: D– D Nais kong malaman A G Kung saan ang patutunguhan A D Itong mundong puno ng karahasan A G A D Itong mundong buhay sa isang digmaan D Nais kong makita A G Kung ano ang kahihinatnan A D Ng isang bayang hati ang katauhan A G A D A Ng isang bayang […]Intro: Eb-B-Bb-Eb-; (6x) Eb B Bulag ang pag-ibig kasabihan na sa atin Bb Eb Ngunit para sa 'yo ang pag-ibig ko ay duling Eb B Pagkat dalawang beses ako sa 'yo may pagtingin Bb Eb Kaytindi ng 'yong dating sa puso't damdamin.

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The band's 1994 debut, Alamid, was a strong effort, but the follow-up, 1995's Panaginip ("Dream"), exhibited little of the charm heard in the first album.

In a nutshell, Radio Friendly is a better effort than Panaginip, but falls short of the standard set by Alamid.

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All videos related to Pinkfong's song have garnered around 5 billion views as of August 2019, making it the most-viewed educational video phenomenon of all time.

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