Parents intimidating teachers

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Where appropriate, you may first like to discuss your concern with the teacher.

Your school should be open to working with you to ensure that the relationships between teachers and students are positive and that any issues of bullying are addressed immediately.

Empathize and listen first Stephen Covey said it best when he observed that most people don't listen with the intent to understand but rather with the intent to reply.

When a parent presents themselves and are perhaps being difficult, demanding or dismissive, remember that the source of their issue may have very little to do with you or even their child.

If they disliked teachers or had a bad experience in the classroom as a child, this may well contribute to their posture and tone dealing with you as a teacher-figure.

My encouragement to teachers is this: try to listen though and not to the parents you are dealing with.

However, the growing number of parents causing headaches for teachers does need to be called out as the trend it is.

One of the interesting elements of this trend is the fact that many of today’s ‘helicopter parents’ as they are commonly referred to, are members of Generation X.

Some key questions that you might like to consider include: Regardless of if you think bullying behaviours are occurring, if there appears to be an issue with how your child and their teacher are relating an informal approach to the assistant principal, year level co-coordinator or student wellbeing coordinator is a good start.

He took the audio to the Cherry Hill School District, where officials fired one of the teachers involved after hearing the tape.

With the rise of hyper-protective parenting, teachers today face overwhelming scrutiny, enormous pressure and even downright bullying from well-intentioned but often misguided parents.

What to do if your child complains that an adult is doing the bullying.

If your child complains they are being bullied by an adult within the school community, in particular a teacher it's worth considering what might be behind it.

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Respectful classroom relationships are usually modelled by teachers, who set the tone for the behaviours within their classrooms.