Paypal not updating in quicken

Posted by / 25-Jan-2020 07:48

From what I can tell the can possibly come into the attack knowing minimal pieces of information.

A quick attempt to check your Pay Pal account confirms it - your Pay Pal password no longer works.I called Verizon about blocking this and they told me there's no way to disable it, the only small consolation is that you will receive a text when it is turned on and when someone logs into it.The text message is supposed to include some identifying details, but the attackers clearly took steps to mask their OS and browser because where these are normally displayed, the text from the attack just said "unknown" and a known malicious IP.To fix this for myself, I left my security key number registered to my cell phone, but changed my account phone number to a Google Voice number (a landline could also be used), and never went through the verification process.Now, if I try to reset my password, the only options available are a phone call or an email - both of which are protected behind proper 2 factor authentication on my Google account with Google Authenticator as the token.

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This is a scenario that I saw play out recently, and although the theft was unsuccessful, I decided to research how it was done.