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Gone are the times of long days of courting and weeks between face to face dates when you are getting to know someone. Today it’s all about texting, emailing and maybe talking to each other on the phone when you are looking to capture some attention.And it’s safe to say pretty much everyone has a cell phone and texting is the norm for communication.Wait an hour or two before you nonchalantly text him back.Works wonders when you are looking to grab his undivided attention.Talk about your passions and hobbies and the things you like to do with your time.

Boys do buy with their eyes and visual stimulation happens before the emotional talking stuff. Again, the more information, the better when you are looking to play hard to get over text.

Do not ever sit around and wait for a guy to get back to you when he’s ready.

And whatever you do, make sure you never sit at home waiting for him to text back. If he’s ignoring your texts or just not giving you the attention you want, kick him to the curb and move on with a confident smile. If you like a man you are going to check out and follow his social media profile, that’s a given. Pop in once in a while if you like but leave it at that please. You need to understand how to keep the texts light but flirty and make sure you keep them to a minimum.

Playing hard to get means you at least have to appear that you’re not exclusive.

That you are willing to go out with other men and that’s just tough luck for him.

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In order to push his buttons, you need to know about him too.

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