Pregnant dating scan accuracy

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This test is not quite as accurate as the combined test.

we went for our first dating scan today and according to our dates, body changing, morning sickness gone, what should be happening next etc...

They're good for checking any developmental problems but as far as dating goes every baby grows at a slightly different rate.

A 5lb baby that grows into a 4 foot 8 person isn't going to be the same size as a 10lb baby that ends up growing to 6 foot 5.

I have 10lb babies in my family all through my mums side so didn't surprise me that the dating scan said the baby was bigger but they still insisted that there dates were right and mine were wrong. Lara xxx When i went for my dating scan i was told i was 14weeks....

For example if you a tiny sac can be seen in the uterus, but the baby and its heart beat may not be detected yet.

5 ½ weeks gestation means 5 ½ weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period, which is usually about 3 ½ weeks from the date of conception (confusing, isn’t it!

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then the midwife phoned me last week to tell me that she had my due date as 22nd june but my scan due date is 15th july Hello, I’m really confused I always thought the gestational age given at the ultrasound was based on your last period too.

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