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Project reality servers not updating

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The update that will provide this new functionality will be released in our upcoming v1.2 patch, scheduled to be released before the shutdown occurs.If the workbook that you have opened (called a destination file) contains links to other workbooks or files (called source files), and the source files have changed, the links in the workbook that you are opening may display information that is out of date. The destination workbook contains the external reference. The external reference (or link) is a reference to a cell range in the source workbook. The source workbook contains the cell and the actual value that is retrieved and placed in the destination workbook.When the source workbook and the destination workbook are open on the same computer, links are updated automatically.You can also update only some of the links, if the workbook contains more than one link.It is possible to accidentally create a link by moving or copying a range, worksheet, or chart between workbooks.

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If another user has changed a value in a cell, Microsoft Excel does not look for the new value unless you tell it to.