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Puppy dating site

We even have indoor dog play areas that have bars here - which... I thought maybe there would be some funny anecdotes out there.seems odd and I've not personally gone to it but I really want to. it's an opportunity to make special dates outside of the avg dinner. One of the first things I told my now-husband was that if he didn't want dogs, we weren't gonna be compatible. Lots of fun date options, too (plus he'll be able to weed out people who don't like dogs).He went from being "not really a dog person" to a total dog lover and the best co-dog "parent" ever. Plus the pup will get older quick and a lot of OP's concerns won't be issues for long.I wouldn't leave a dog overnight but he could always have his date at his place (or have a friend watch the dog, I have a few friends who love my pup and would jump at the chance to hang with her ...I knew my SO beforehand as a friend, but the night before I was going to pick up my pup from the shelter, our friendship took a romantic turn.Anyway, those first few weeks took a LOT of organizing and frank communication, but it all worked out and my SO was super understanding :) My puppy would cry when left in her crate if I wanted to leave the house for an hour or so, even after exercising her heavily, so I felt bad and my SO and I would either hang out at my house or go to one of two dog-friendly breweries nearby (this was in January, and luckily in Colorado where I live there are a few breweries that will let you bring your pup inside)As some more time went on my little girl got better about hanging out quietly in her crate if we wanted to have date night, and she's great about it now, at almost 6 months old. I started out with having her sleep in the crate next to my bed, but eventually I had her sleep on my bed with me when I spent nights alone.I think you're right about him being an ice breaker.I live in a fairly rural area so there aren't a ton of "dog parks" and he's also not done with his vaccinations so I'm hesitant to bring him to the few that exist.

When I was out with mine I had people coming from all over to say hi and to talk about the pup. You'll learn even more with whether or not they respect your wishes on how they should be interacting with your puppy. If your puppy looks like they are distressed by something your date is doing tell your date to stop. He'll work wonders for your dating life and possibly open up a whole set of people that you wouldn't have met otherwise. word of warning: if you plan on doing any dog sports the dog sport communities are SMALL.However, there are some great restaurants and breweries that are cool with dogs so I'm looking forward to that! Also, I had no idea about the dog sport community being like that!I don't plan on introducing that to him but thanks for the heads up!I even got to play some golf last weekend with the help of the neighbors letting him out!He actually sleeps through the night at this point so an overnight at mine definitely isn't out of the question.

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Overnights at others obviously aren't possible, but yours is still on the table.