Q english dating

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Q english dating

You have a very even-keeled demeanor on and off the golf course, but what were your emotions like right after you survived the grueling six-round test at Q-School finals last month? I was really anxious the whole day, just kind of trying to speed up. [Swafford and Todd will play on the Nationwide Tour this year.] I always knew I was going to move to Sea Island, but I didn't know I was going to move into his place. We're obviously doing different stuff right now. You can finally show off some of your knowledge, but you can't do it elsewhere. You mean you actually went to class when you were in college? My caddie Joe is good with some trivia, too, and we talk about random stuff and connect them to years and numbers. It's kind of boring calling a pitching wedge a pitching wedge all the time, so we call it Michael Irvin and no one else knows what we're talking about. I’m just kind of living the dream, taking it day by day. I haven't had to stop and think about what's going on.

Chris was buying a house and moving out of his condo and he had three bedrooms and was looking for renters, so it just worked out. But we used to just pile up in the same car and go to their house in college. I usually don't get them right, but I love trivia. Even now I'll try to find it on and compete with some of my roommates. It's funny to see some looks on some guys' faces, fixing it up a little bit and having some fun. What's the best advice you've gotten from a veteran out here?

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