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Queer dating

Thurst has always centered and prioritized trans and non-binary folks — especially black and brown trans women.My hope is that we can allow folks to express the truths of their existence and be their full selves while seeking to connect with others, however that may look for them,” Morgen said.

This choice doesn’t affect who can see them and who they can see.Morgen says this vastly superior to simply having an ‘other’ category, in addition to male and female, which they say is an alienating design choice.“The simple design of various dating platforms and dating spaces has binary genders, so it’s male/female, and then other.To ensure this feeling to safety and security remains the case, Thurst has a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment, whatsoever.It also prioritizes privacy in ways other dating apps do not — all information is encrypted and inaccessible to third-parties and marketing agencies.

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Clicking ‘other’ requires the ‘othering’ of yourself, the understanding that there’s a priority on binary genders, and then selecting a harmful choice,” said Morgen.