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Notably, IBM is making IBM Watson Analytics readily available to universities at no cost.More than 500 universities have participated in this program during just the past 18 months.” Looks like WAP a win-win for academic institutions and businesses.

For the last few years, there’s been a lot of talk about the analytics skills gap and how difficult closing it can be in terms of trained and educated resources.

In the article, Marc Altshuller, GM, IBM Business Analytics, has this to say: “With a cognitive system like Watson you just bring your question – or if you don’t have a question you just upload your data and Watson can look at it and infer what you might want to know.

A traditional data scientist might receive training in R or SAS or whatever tool their school uses, but we found in the ‘citizen analyst’ area, they were often being given the wrong tools where they were required to guess the right answer, and then test their guess.” And, Keith Mc Cormick, an independent consultant, noted in a how WAP is engaging student interest in data science in his blog: “As part of its ongoing engagement with educators, IBM is reaching out to university faculty members in hopes of increasing the number of data-savvy students entering the workforce.

Howard states he heard that they should near the swamp which Randy agrees.

After they reached there, Howard is annoyed because there is fence there.


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