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Robert shedd s adult dating profile massachusetts

For the compact-shelving project, The Newberry Library hired TAB Products Co LLC, a company with more than sixty years’ experience in records-management and storage systems and widely regarded as expert in the field.The Newberry Library and TAB staff worked together to keep materials secure and in good order by keeping every item on-site throughout the project.We are extremely grateful to them for their dedication to the Newberry and its mission.” Many heavily-used collections were unaffected by the construction and were available for use during the entire compact shelving project.All Special Collections used in the Roger and Julie Baskes Department of Special Collections Reading Room (on the Fourth Floor) were available. The Newberry Library also moved the original Umanità, the stainless steel sculpture on a granite base by Virginio Ferrari, outdoors in 2005. In 2009, The Newberry Library commissioned Ferrari to replace it with a larger replica, as he explained on his Website. The Institute for Museum and Library Services awarded The Newberry Library a National Medal for Library Service in 2007. In February of 2008, someone tore the original steel sculpture from its stone base and it remains missing.

Unwilling to curtail his high-flying lifestyle, he turned to crime. We couldn’t have done it, though, without the help of our law enforcement partners in the case: the Boston Police Department, Yale and Harvard university police departments, the New York Public Library Security Division, and Scotland Yard.

S., and The Philippines; 500,000 historic maps; atlases; sheet music; and archival documents, including the corporate archives of railroad corporations and the personal papers of Midwestern writers and politicians. Other than those portions that can be glimpsed on-line, they can only be read in person, on-site.

Spadafora said, “We want to make sure this cultural treasure remains accessible and, through digital resources, becomes more accessible.” As lightly touched on in Ms.

Most of these maps have since been recovered.” In June of 2006, Associated Press Writer John Christoffersen reported, “Smiley was arrested a year ago after a librarian at Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library found a razor blade on the floor. The libraries have since improved their security and tracking.

Police confronted Smiley, who had been reviewing rare books, and found seven maps worth nearly 0,000 in his briefcase and pockets, according to a police report.” Smiley was born on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts and attended Princeton Theological Seminary. To help confirm the identity of the recovered maps, we ended up relying on map experts, dealers, and even the collectors who bought the stolen goods.

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A perusal of the records showed he had visited The Newberry Library twice and read four books. But returning the maps to their libraries and the original books they were stolen from proved much more difficult.” “These maps aren’t vehicles with identification numbers stamped on them,” said F. Christofferson noted, “The restitution amount has not yet been determined, but he does face a fine of up to $1.6 million for the federal charge, prosecutors said.” To pay restitution, he planned to sell his homes on Martha’s Vineyard and in Maine.

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