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In real life, Rohit is a very good actor and I love observing him. I always have to make the effort to call him and ask him to meet and catch up. I felt like playing something wild, or a negative character, but I soon snapped out of it. The only thing I know is that the show is not doing well and is on the rocks currently.Are you still in touch with your co-star from Navya - Shaheer Sheikh aka Anant? However, if we do manage to improve our figures, is not going anywhere.Of course, there were Bedouin Sheikhs and some Palestinian Sheikhs (like Abu Ghosh) who made peaceful alliances with Israel as well.

This season 2 finale episode will air at a special time on Tuesday, May 24 – at - PM ET/PT.

Exclusive IITJEE Merit List Announced, the Andhra Pradesh - AP gets top position in Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination 2011 means the the first 4 top rankers are from Andhra Pradesh State India.

The First Rank Holder of JEE 2011 is Prithviraj from Andhra Pradesh, got the higest marks in Entrance Exam of IIT, watch the AP's Prithviraj Video Live below, the video of Prithviraj contains the interview of four top Andhra Pradesh Toppers, hold the top rankers in IIT JEE 2011 :- The other three toppers of the Andhra Pradesh are Nitin gets second rank in IITJEE 2011 and tops with the second higest marks, the third JEE 2011 Rank Holder is Simath and fouth top ranker from Andhra Pradesh State is Sai Kiran.

Full Toppers List of IITJEE 2011, published after the official announcement in the IIT Delhi Website, please check after some time to get the latest updates about IITJEE 2011.

The audience should watch it with their hearts and not their heads. Anything and everything that makes you feel ‘wow’ and that pleases your heart is beauty, according to me. Actually, there are more similarities than differences.

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