Sam witwer dating sarah allen

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His excellent work was noticed soon after the show's premiere, as Sam received a Gemini Award nomination for Best Performance by an...

Eventually I booked a 2-line role on a show called 'JAG' and slowly the parts got bigger and better.

In this season, the first episode opens up with Josh and Aidan moving into an old modern style home which they eventually find out is haunted by a ghost named Sally.

While also getting a glimpse into Josh's life, as he meets a woman named Nora, who he eventually grows a romantic attachment to.It followed the same premise as the original, and starred Sam Huntington, Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath as a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost, respectively, who live together as roommates.The show aired its first episode on January 17, 2011. Three roommates in their twenties each try to keep a secret from the rest of the world.Aidan and Nora make their new home for the moment in a trailer while trying to figure out how to turn Josh back normal.Aidan learns of a new vampire boss who he would not expect and tries to convince him otherwise, while pursuing his new-found love interest Kat.

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Aidan, who is played by Sam Witwer, is a 200-year-old vampire; Josh, who is played by Sam Huntington, is a werewolf; and Sally, who is played by Meaghan Rath, is a ghost.