Scarcity principle when dating engin akyurek dating

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Scarcity principle when dating

Vineyar Vines, a clothing and accessory retailer app, actually builds a state of scarcity in order to spark in-app sales.

With the introduction of scarcity, products may become more attractive and their perceived value increases, putting this way some sort of pressure, driving actions by users under the fear of missing an opportunity.

In behavioural economics, scarcity is a well known approach that drives engagement and desire in a product but can also lead to some “irrational” decisions by users.

It is widely used in the business world in order to drive sales and in gaming as one of the fundamental methods in monetization.

With the use of timely promotions in the social media, in-app sales increased following the excitement buildup amongst the app users.

Following the success of that initial campaign, the brand run several similar ones, providing different limited edition whale stickers.

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If all these people are trying to play this game, then it MUST be worth playing!

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