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Sedating agitated child ppt

This is a large topic with a significant amount of literature and opinions.This brief overview is in no way comprehensive, but more a personal view, approach and practice.Behavioural disturbances and aggression in the emergency department is an increasing problem confronting emergency clinicians every day.50% of attacks on health care workers occur in the emergency department.The same data supporting the analgesia-first approach also demonstrated that up to 70% of patients will require an second sedative agent.

is increasingly being mentioned as an alternative agent for continuous analgesia/sedation in patients that are either intubated or awake and have failed first line therapy.In these patients, physician and nursing gestalt still play a significant role as does, one must admit, some trial and error.This is obviously a complicated question since the patient context is very important. Will the patient need long or short term analgesia/sedation?The use of ketamine in sub-dissociative doses for analgesia as a single agent or in combination with an opioid has shown promising results in the emergency department population with a low incidence of side effects.There is less evidence for its use in the ICU, and more studies are needed to demonstrate its safety profile in this patient population at higher risk for agitation and delirium.

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