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Kindly help us in reporting any suspicious profiles by submitting a ‘report abuse’ form or contacting us at The site itself has warnings so not sure it's their fault but beware of scammers.Red flags are getting you to migrate off the site(eg to Hangouts), early declarations of love, and more.Cons: - You'll develop the trust issues and become anxious(depends on the type of person you are) - Even if you get your perfect match, don't get too emotional and be ready when the reality strikes you.(it can strike in several ways like sudden block, financial request, hospital bills, accidents etc.) - You never know if the 20-year-old girl you are talking to, already have 2 kids.As good a dating site as the next one; some genuine, some scammers.anything use common sense, caution and keep your head out of the clouds.Fellas, whether your looking for love, affection or companionship in the east or west, let's face it, as a man, and without sounding jaded, you're a resource for the fairer sex regardless, be it financial, emotional or whatever else you get objectified for, we're all fair game:) At least you know where you stand up front with the many beautiful Thai ladies.happy and enjoy life. Dear Matthew, Sitename offers two types of membership: Standard and Paid. I would not recommend this site to anyone until they secure their site.But I highly recommend using your common sense and not limiting your self to one girl at the beginning there are some bad apples, but time will tell which ones or which ones you do not like to be with. " data-username="Frank  K." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Frank K." data-details="Photo uploaded on 5/10/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/" data-browse-link="/photos/" data-browse-text="Browse all Thai Cupid photos"Dear Robert, We have zero tolerance towards members of the nature you described.

- If you are an expat in Thailand and looking for a wife, then go for it. Of course only until you have sufficient money in your bank account.

My account was hacked within 30 hours of being established. They come up with all kind of things to ask for money every week because Thailand is a very poor country and unemployment is very high. On top of that they think all western-foreigners are richer compared to them.

The parties accessed both financial information and my account verification information (in my case, a driver's license). But I met a lady which told me from start she has no job but seemed serious.

They are not looking for a good looking and honest boyfriend, they are looking for a financier.

Yes its true that they will nicely chat with you and make you feel special, but believe me when you'll be feeling butterfly in your stocmach due to love emotions, its a sign that somekind of hospital/accident or financial issue is around the corner.

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Kindly help us in reporting any suspicious profiles by submitting a ‘report abuse’ form or contacting us at I was a free member so I couldn't read or see any messages I received. When my membership ended after a month and I became a regular member who could not send or read messages, she sent a message immediately.