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Spanking randomchat

To join, you must have posted a bio for your character and had it approved.Once in the chatroom type "/join #erehwon" to view or participate or type "/join #erehwonooc" to chat and get help with your bio.(More...) Leather Bed Sheets: Give your bed the royal treatment and add a stylish touch to your bedroom or dungeon with leather fitted sheets.These sheets are real leather, soft, and smooth and sexy with that great rich leather smell and aroma.I still have a tendency to smirk at porn clips where a girl is being fucked and shes squealing like a pig because, come on, sex doesnt hurt that bad! I couldnt move or shift like I sometimes do so Hes poking a different spot and He just kept at it and at it. Having to stay spread wide open while He pummeled my innards was fucking hawt." (More...) Hitachi Magic Wand: The legendary Hitachi Magic Wand is hands down the best tool for generating reliable female orgasms.This powerful 'massager' is useful for G-spot exploration, targeted clitoral stimulation, testicular stimulation, and both breast and cock massaging...It doesn't come as naturally as the puritans would like to fear. And if pregnant celebrities are your fetish, you're in heaven..." (More...) From Bondage Blog: "Kaya writes about bondage sex: It started out well enough.We stumble and fumble and watch dirty movies for tips, but there's a lot to the details..." (More...) From Eros Blog: The Sex Blog: "Here are a couple of photographs of a life-sized statue of Britney Spears giving birth. Trussed and masked and completely exposed - a masochists wet dream!

Bio's for your Original Characters, threads for your worlds.

He fucked me as I was, legs and arms tied up and out of the way, gag firmly in place.

He planted Himself in as deep and as hard as He could.

Discuss current spanking roleplays or stories and throw around ideas for future roleplays.

For quick and disposable Roleplays, ideally under three-hundred posts.

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This is only for starting fetish roleplayers - experianced roleplayers should venture into and use the full RP Realm for their Roleplays! These are *Not Roleplays,* but a place to try and create your own collaborative stories!