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In the case of a traffic ticket, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) may assess points on your license.

In traffic cases, you may plead "guilty with an explanation" and appear for a hearing.

How and where do I file a complaint against red light or speed monitoring traffic cameras?

The red light, speed monitoring, school bus monitoring, and electronic toll cameras are installed and/or operated at the expense and direction of the locality or municipality or, if on a state highway or toll facility, by the Department of State Police or Maryland Transportation Authority.

For information on how these cameras operate, contact the local police department in the municipality where the camera is located or, if on a state highway or toll facility, the Maryland State Police or Maryland Transportation Authority.

Various vendors manufacture the cameras used in red light, speed monitoring, school bus, and electronic toll traffic programs.

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When a verdict is rendered— either by a jury or judge—the actual decision is either “guilty” or “not guilty.” There is no finding of “innocent.” However, a defendant, if found "not guilty", can be described as having been acquitted.

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