Speed dating sicilia

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Speed dating sicilia

Not to miss is the Pepoli Regional Museum, which paints the evolution of Trapani’s artistic heritage from ancient times to today.

Erice, a Medieval town perched on a mountain, offers an incredible panorama and boasts a millenary history, evident in its still-extant section of Punic walls.

Favignana, Levanzo and Maréttimo offer unique landscapes, and important archaeological finds on the seabed date back to the Punic and Roman periods.

The volcanic island of Pantelleria is the largest of the islands surrounding Sicily, and is famous for its landscapes of contrasting black lavic stone and green vegetation.

The Trapanese province encloses an extraordinary natural heritage, starting with the renowned Egadi Islands and the splendid volcanic Isle of Pantelleria, genuine oases that should not go undiscovered.

Innumerable protected areas such as the Zingaro Natural Reserve, which stretches out along the coast and reefs, inlets and marine cliffs a sheer drop to the blue sea, covered by thick Mediterranean scrub.

The small isle of Mothia, meanwhile, is one of the most important Phoenician settlements with a great number of ruins are visible, specifically the necropolis with the Tophet and the Whitaker Archaeological Museum.

A popular marine attraction in Trapani Province are the Egadi Islands, three pearls wedged into the Mediterranean’s blue waters, where nature is still wild, and both beaches and sea are extraordinarily clean.

This is certainly one of the most important humid coastal zones, protected by the Trapani and Paceco Saline Natural Reserve.Visitors can also participate in activities linked to marine traditions, such as the mattanza (the tuna cull) in Favignana in May and June.Local gastronomy is influenced by the culture and customs of the many peoples that occupied these lands through the centuries.The archaeological remains and the small villages where the most authentic traditions are still part of daily life make the Province a very attractive tourist destination.The Trapani Coast, one of the most impressive in Italy, comprises very valuable naturalistic spots, particularly the Gulf of Castellamare, with its seafront full of cliffs and stacks alternating with beautiful beaches.

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This corner of Sicily is special for its traditions, passed down through the centuries and always reserving new surprises for its visitors.

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