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Jay secretly arranged to have two of the RF ambulance vehicles drive by with lights on as he got down on one knee and said, "he loved me yesterday, he loves me today, and he will love me for the rest of his life if I let him"…I said YES (through the tears)!

My son was with his dad that night, so I removed the ring for a short time when we picked him up and took him home.

In the case of Donny Deutsch’s abortive marriage; let’s find out what went wrong.

Deutsch was tied in the wedlock in 2000 with Stacy Josloff. When they first met, Stacy was a 25-year-old party girl; whereas, Donny was 39-year-old and the two shared different personalities. Later, they again paired up when Stacy started dating other boys, and finally, they got married.

My son and Jay went upstairs when we got home as he said he had a surprise for mom…and they came down and presented the ring to me a second time.

It was truly amazing as Jay asked my son if it was ok, and what he would think of it all.

The gazebo was a "project" that my Dad helped to build with his students in the fall of 2005 at the Renaissance Academy in RF (Dad used vacation time from his job to work as a woodshop teacher there because he loved the kids and the craftsmanship opportunities!

) My dad served as the RF Ambulance Director for many years, and the connection to the department as well as ambulances themselves are sincerely peaceful remembrances of him.

When people fall in love, they are head over heels about each other, and then they jump right into marriage.

The pair often share pictures of each other on their Instagram accounts and Stacey even posted: “Nearly three years ago bad.

Miss you and am so grateful you are so patient and understanding with all the times I spend away from home…” Speaking to The Sun, Stacye previously said "really should try to get fitter".

She added: "I don’t have an excuse because my boyfriend Sam is a personal trainer.

Occasionally we’ll do a boxing workout together, but that’s very rare."WHO IS STACEY DOOLEY'S DANCE PARTNER?

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Last week for the Halloween theme, Stacey and Kevin tango’d to the Doctor Who theme.