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Do you want a child raised by a man with no morals and the potential, possibly, to abuse? I know you're all right and I need to leave, it's just so life changing- since my son was born I've been happier than I've ever been and I thought he was too.

Adora- you're right, I can't have this in my home, it's disgusting!

I also found texts to a girl, nothing that dodgy stuff like ' I had a goodnight', 'let me know you got home safe' but with a kiss on the end of each text- this in not usual for him, he normally just puts kisses in texts to me. He admitted to watching porn lots lately as we haven't had much sex since the baby was born (5 months ago), he said that normal porn had got boring so he had started watching incest porn- he said in no way is he interested in incest in real life, it's disgusting but he liked the taboo.

He said that nothing happened with the girl, the rest of his friends had gone home and it was just the two of them left- when he couldn't find her at the end of the night he wanted to tell her he was leaving and to let him know she was ok- this on its own wouldn't bother me but as the kisses on the end of the text are out of character for him it does- I don't believe he cheated but my gut feeling is that he likes her.

You can still be a family, you just share the care, thousands of people are doing it, it's achievable and it may just save what's left of your self esteem.The rest is really icky, how much porn was he watching for regular porn to become boring? i realise its not child porn but its not many steps away.I think you need advice about getting rid of him smartish.These babes are a sure thing – phone sex any way you want it. So check out local ladies in Live Chat or have 1-on-1 phonesex with the phone ladies you choose. So ashamed to be writing this (name changed, regular poster) I don't know what to do and really need impartial advice.

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Two weeks ago my partner had a night out with work friends, came home drunk fell asleep on the sofa.