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[Laughs] This is my first time to the Magic Millions Carnival [on the Gold Coast] and I’m loving it. But since I hosted the show The Singing Bee, I put a band together.

Besides that, I’m actually right in the middle of recording a new album, which is High School Disco. I’ve been doing corporate shows around the country and this is the first time that I’ve made an album, and I’m doing a tour as well.

Their inhibitions go out the door and everyone goes back to their high school days. I started singing – like how some actors waiter in between jobs – I was doing theatre restaurants, singing and cover bands in pubs. Many fans were disappointed to hear you had left House Husbands. And I know the show will be great [without me] but the audience love these four couples and they love these families. People see mardi gras and they see Modern Family, which is great, but this was another point of view for people who don’t have many gay people in their life.Do you plan to go down the same path as your character on House Husbands and raise children together?Never say never but it’s not really in the foreseeable future.So I’m sure there will be musical critics who will hate it, but this album is not for them. And probably in the past few years – except for House Husbands – I’ve probably sung more than I’ve acted. I just thought why not see [Tom and Kane] break up on television, rather than just [Tom] disappear. The way they wrote it was a really good representation.It’s for people who love those classic melodies from back in our day. How long have you and your partner, Anthony, been together now? [Laughs] It’s a great relationship; we are lucky we get each other.

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However, last month it was announced that Campbell’s character has been written out of the Nine drama and will not return for the third season.

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