Tips for dating your spouse

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And sometimes it affects how we respond and react to our spouse. When you hear the phrase, “date your spouse” we automatically think it means to take your spouse out to a nice restaurant, spend money, then make love to your spouse to end the night off right. All you need is some free time, a free house, and a creative mindset.It’s not like we mean to, but at times we let stress outweigh what’s right. Wives, get a new outfit, get your hair and your nails done. Date your spouse with purpose, with love, and with genuine intention. In our book, Marriage, we provide ten steps to make your marriage thrive. But, not just any ordinary dating; we encourage couples to date with intentionality. Though it may seem counter-intuitive to spontaneity, planning a date and getting it on the calendar is more important. When planning your date consider the following questions: What would make your spouse feel special? Along with creativity, wowing and planning arises the concept of intentionality.Trying to spend quality time with your spouse is tough, trust me I know.But their greatest fear was that the ship might encounter the Doldrums.The Doldrums was an area of the ocean near the equator characterized by calm and very light shifting winds. The ship’s food and water supply would be exhausted as they drifted for days, or even weeks, waiting for a breeze to put them back on course.You can go to the movies, out to dinner, walk in the park while eating ice cream or frozen yoghurt, or go to the spa together and release some stress while sipping on some fine wine or champagne. Like I mentioned before, it doesn’t have to be BIG, all you need is to spend uninterrupted quality time with each other.And to make sure this is a success, make sure you get a babysitter, close family member, or the godparents to watch your child while you go on your date.

And we don’t leave it at the door, we bring it straight into our peaceful home. Slap her booty while she’s in the kitchen cooking breakfast (it isn’t inappropriate, it’s your wife), slap his butt while he’s getting dressed or sneak a soft kiss. The point is, you don’t have to go out all the time to enjoy the presence of your spouse.

And men, you can take the lead as well, you don’t always have to leave it up to your wife to plan a night out.

You can plan your dates weeks in advance or months.

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If we never experienced dating our spouse, chances are, we wouldn’t have married them.

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