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“It doesn’t help anybody to be dishonest; it doesn’t help anybody to leave out the tough details, especially when you’re talking to us.”Codie asks most of the questions, while Tommy handles cameras, mics, and other technical details.“We were doing these interviews—or are doing these interviews—as our relationship progresses,” she said. To a certain extent, I look back at some of those interviews and, it’s like, we didn’t even know what to ask.

Black Love is an intimate, close-up series—just a couple sitting on a couch talking through the ups and downs of their relationship—because that’s how it’s filmed. As Tommy explained, “ Not that any relationship is the same—helping us understand what you’ve gone through, it helps.”Framing the conversation that way helps the couples open up, he said.Codie and Tommy created and own the show and format—which is almost unheard of, because even when producers or production companies create formats and shows, networks end up owning the show and the idea.The Olivers have used that ownership to create the online community, which says it “aim[s] to be the hub for Black couples and singles looking to build community and conversation around healthy relationships at every stage of life,” and also the Black Love Summit, where those conversations can take place face-to-face.And them doing the show opened up the door for a lot more Black Love—specifically, Black Love as a theme, or Black Love as a brand.”Codie pointed out that Davis and Tennon—and other season-one couples—agreed to talk before the project became a television show.Instead, they said yes because it “seems like an important thing I should be a part of.

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The OWN reality series Black Love lets people tell the stories of their relationships, which are relationships we don’t typically see on television: marriages between black people.

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